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fix my tie

My go at making french bread
If I had all the time in the world, I would never buy bread again!

A much welcomed present of Picholine olives
Very little brine, nutty and creamy!
Too bad I ate the entire in about 20 minutes.

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;_; Where is the cheesecake that I demanded? hmmmm?

In general, I don't like olives. It has always fascinated me why seemingly everyone and their guinea pig love them.

i think olives are just an acquired taste. I actually hated them int he beginning cause most of them I had before wer the ones from the jars with the pimento in them. Then I had a chance to try out real olives that didnt' just taste like brine so I ended up really enjoying all the varieties.

I can't eat olives when they're part of a meal or in pizza, let alone by themselves. You disgust me!

- Doug

I want bread for samiches :O~

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