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Newsflash stupid people (rant)
it's you!

First of all, I jog and I run.  5-7 days a week.  I jog about 4-6 miles a day.  It's summer so i tend to run when the sun isn't shining on my face as I don't do too well in the sun.  So I might run at 4am or 8pm.  Where is the rant might you ask?


I don't know where people get the idea that it is a good idea to spam their car honks when they pass by a runner.  Is it amusing because I don't really see the fun in it all.  On an average run I get about 10 people honking.  Most of those people I don't know.  Then I have the morons who stop and ask me if I want a ride home.  Listen people, if you are jogging, you are trying to exercise.  If I want a ride, I will stick out my hitch hiker finger.  Then I have people who swirve by me and try to start a conversation while i try to run.  Listen people, I don't need the company.  if you need company, there are amny places on the internet for those.  My nano ipod and i get along fine without you.  Not to mention all of the items above make me jump a mile.  I feel my life has shortened from the constant fright.  So the next time you see a runner, you mine your own damn business and refrain yourself from honking.  It is not a good way to acknowledge people and i dont' like stupid surprises!

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pfft, you love it.

- Doug

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