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I wanna be reading your mind

In secret communication

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Wrong number
fix my tie

                   This number is pissing the crap out of me.  So this stupid chick keeps calling me (at least 4 times now) about rent I supposedly owe to one of their condominiums.  First of all, you have to realize, I don’t even live close to the caller (We are talking several hours drive away).  They are called Hallmark Rentals and they keep calling my cell saying I owe them like 1700+ dollars and they are taking me to court.  So I’m like, dude whoever owned this number before me, owe you rent so stop calling me or I will have to block your number.  Then she asked me to give her the information of the owner prior to you or else you will b responsible for paying the charges.  As if I would have that on me!  Why don’t’ they just call Verizon wireless?!  They should have gotten the information correctly, and I did not live there, or use the service, so why the hell would I be responsible for those charges?  I started to get nasty with her and threatened to sue her for unlawful harassment if she doesn’t stop calling.  First of all, why the hell would I have that person’s information?  And this person who owned the number before me seems to have owed a lot of people money.  Now if I have this number, does that reflect in any way the other person’s bad credit?  I don’t want to end up with a bad rep because the person before me was a complete ass.  And I most certainly don’t want to be responsible for the charges of the person before me.  Isn’t there anything I can do besides calling all of those companies back (with my down minutes) and tell them they have the wrong number and they should call elsewhere?  This is getting really ridiculous.

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tell them this "this is a wrong number. you are not to call me any more; any further communication must be in writing."

that is a good idea I think I will do that

If you're not really attached to your phone number, Verizon Wireless will give you a new one for free under these circumstances.

I used to have a landline that the person before me had and they ran up all sorts of bills. After three years, they decided her name was 'Tammy Madar' (her first name and my last name!) and tried to send collections after me as her spouse. I called back, asked to speak to a supervisor, and threatened them with a lawsuit. They never called back.

i asked for a number change but they said only for dire circumstances meh

but i might threaten them if they dont' let it go

tell them you're not going to renew your contract and yell! ;)

They'll change it for I think $25 if you can't get them to budge on doing it for free.

even if it was for a fee i dont' mind, this is jsut getting ridiculous

I hope you did not give them your name or any other info. If they want to drag that loser to court, they have to know that loser's name. I don't think they can legally do anything to you just because they have the phone number, so you really have nothing to worry about. You can prove to any court when you got the number and where you have lived anyway, if necessary. This is just pure nuisance that you can do without. And remember that even debt collectors are not allowed by law to call a person at certain times. I think you should just go ahead and ask Verizon to block all of those numbers at one time. (One of the cellphone service providers dropped customers who called its customer services too many times, so don't call Verizon separately.) Be sure to add your number to the do-not-call list if you haven't already. Remember: Only your social security number is associated with your credit. A phone number that can be easily changed is not associated with you in terms of credit or reputation. Of course, an obvious alternative is to change your number. That may be a bit of a hassle because you will have to update your phone number everywhere you've given it to. Anyway, this is my two cents.

lol didnt this # give you trouble a few months ago with someone calling saying you stole their bf or something haha i think you need a new #

yes i know my number is a bit crap

You can do either of 3 things screen your phone calls, change your number or report to the phone company that you are getting these calls. They might be able to block those numbers. Don't worry about other people's credit this person got her self in this mess I'm sure she knows she owes money, probably the reason she changed her phone number. Don't stress yourself about this stuff sweetheart. You have plenty of things going on to waste your time with this non-sence. Take care. XOXOX

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