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Home made goodies
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First we have our homemade custard in its early stage

After 30 minutes of stirring, the foam is gone.  Stirring done by taichi

10 hours later and a lot of stirring, we have mango ice cream with ice cream chunks.  Free of preservatives and plenty of creamy and smooth ice cream!

The filling for our Chinese steamed buns.

So that is what the filling looks like when it's done.

And these are our fluffy steamed buns!  Enjoy!

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My mother has problem duplicating it too.

my recipe
3.5 cups of flour
1 block of wet yeast (in the dairy cheese isle)
1 tsp vinegar
0.5 cup of sugar
pinch of salt
225 ml hot water (just udner a cup and hot to the touch)
3 tbs of shortening (melted)
1 egg white

Mix all fo the dry ingredients + yeast, mix well. Then add all of the wet ingredients but water. And mix well so they look like sand. Add enough water so your dough is not stickty. I end up using all of them cause ym flour is dry but if you get spring wheat, you might not use them all. If you have a mixer at thispoint, add in a dough hook and knead for 8-10 minutes. if you don't, start kneading it for 30-45 minutes. If you under knead, you get cake which si why it is flat, if you over knead, you get rock. When you separate your dough in half, and it's all thready looking, you can't done enough. When the dough is smooth like a baby's bottom, you are done. Oil it up and put it in a bowl, put a damp paper towl over it and let it sit in a warm place (keep warm setting in your rice cooker or oven) and leaveit alone for 1 hour. It shoudl double its size and then you knead again for about 10-15 minutes by hand. Put in your filling. Let your buns sit for 30 minutes in a warm place for rising. After that you can steam away!

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