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Oil and you

I think oil is one of the first foundations you add to any food.  You use it for grilling, baking, frying, etc.  Because of this, I have decided to give everyone a crash course in oil usage.  Hopefully, after this, you will think twice before you pour in that bottle of oil you have.

Smoking point: the point which the oil starts to burn and smoke rendering the oil useless

Peanut oil:
This has a slight peanut aroma and gives off a hint of nutty taste.  If you are allergic to peanuts like me, you will want to stay away from the cold pressed oil but the regular oil is fine for consumption.  It is good for frying because it has a high smoking point.

Palm oil:
I don't use this at all but I know people who do.  They are often advertised as a healthy oil because they are high in betacarotene and vitamin E.  It is also because of that they tend to have a reddish tint.  If you cook it too long, it turns clear because all the betacarotene is destroyed.  They are mainly for regular stir fries or in blocks for baking.

Olive oil:
This oil needs no introduction.
I use light olive oil for cooking because it has a higher smoking point.  Light does not mean it's less fatty.  Sorry girls, fat is fat is fat.  I use the extra olive oil for salads.  You cannot look at the color of the oil and tell whether it is good or not.  That only shows what color olives were pressed.  This oil is very sensitive to air and light so keep it in a dark place.

Soy, canola, cotton seed oil
These oils are mainly used for potato chips etc.  there are always controversies around them whether they are good oil or bad oil.  Canola oil has been blamed for blindness in some magazines.  None of which has really been proven.  I am not a fan of these oils mainly because there is a chance of pesticide residue.  While not substantiated, I just don't use them

Corn oil:
This is one of the best oils to use for frying.  It has a really high smoking point and I use it for stir frying and everything in between.  It has a very mild taste so it does not interfere with the foods you are cooking.  They tend to be on the cheaper side and not controversial.

Sesame seed oil:
I saved this one for last because I cringe every single time I see people on the food network cook with these.  First, we need to realize there are 2 types of sesame seed oil and you can differentiate them by color.  Sesame seed oil derived from toasted sesame seed will produce a more orange color.  Toasting them concentrates taste so they are very strong.  A cold pressed sesame seed oil will be almost yellowish like any other oil and their flavor tends to be much milder.  Another method is to smell the bottle before you buy.  To be sure, I'm not aksing you to open the bottle and not buy it.  Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us talk about the amount.  In a dish for 2 servings, at no point is 1 cup of oil necessary to bring out the flavor.  Replace it with corn oil, would you put that much corn oil in anything?  A subtle hint of sesame seed oil is great, anything more than a few teaspoon, it becomes obnoxiously pungent.  It has a high smoking point but I do not recommend anyone frying with this oil.  Take time to note how much they give you for instant noodles.  That is about how much you should use per serving.  So Emeril, you are using too damn much.  Too damn much!

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Photo spam - Trip to Chicago
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Here are some of my photos from Chiacgo.  It was a nice vacation!

Long Vacation - My trip to Chicago
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I've been a bit aprehensive about traveling due to the unexpected turn of events.  Security is tight and paranoia is at an all time high.  I haven't posted much since I have been running here and there.

Sorry for the craptastic photo but this was my Ahi Tuna Salad.
It comes with cashews, banana chips and a vinagrette dressing.
I'm not a big fan of fried wonton strips so they mainly remained untouched.
Very good, though I wished there wer emore banana chips in the salad.

Yakiniku!!!!!!  We were really stuffed after that.  It came with way too amny side dishes.

And this is how it is served as modeled by Yun.
Afterwards we carried our bellies back to downtown to watch the 3rd of July fireworks.
Yes, I said 3rd of July.  The firework lasted about 20 minutes. 
Yun took a movie of it so perhaps I can post segments of it.
I wonder if it's just me but I feel American fireworks don't have much choreography.
The firework we saw for July 1st (10th year anniversary of China's rule over Hong Kong) was significantly more spectacular than that I saw the other night.  At one point I felt like they were throwing things up in the air.  However, beggars can't be choosers.  It was still nice nonetheless.

On another note, the Shedd Aquarium has BABY PENGUINS.
Sadly, they are not on display but the photos of them from the news were absolutely adorable.
The Science Museum has a CSI exhibit and demostration going on.  I'm tempted to go when I have time next week.

In love
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"If it was only I 'like' you then I can say it
You can even confide in me about romance
I have already wrapped me around your heart
Why won't you wrap yourself around me?
- I love you - The Scanty (inspiration)

It's not my fault
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Driving home:

If you aren’t the type to be on the road a lot then you might not experience this as much but I despise semi trucks.  I want them to have lanes of their own because they are big and you have these nutcases who think that they should be on the fast lane.  Friday night was that.  We were gong south on the loop and I was on the fast lane.  My exit was coming and I was half way into the middle lane when a truck decided it wanted to pass another semi so it swerved into my lane.  I freaked out and backed into the fast lane again.  At this point my sister is screaming and my mother is asking me to hurry to pass the semi.  Now the two semis are honking each other.  So I ended up sliding across 4 lanes right out into the exit and almost crashed into a one of the semi.  It was good I wasn’t braking and the semi was or else we would have been hit.  Moral of the lesson, do not drive with your mother next to you and ban retarded semis truck drivers off the road.  I will lightly mention how my mother used her foot to change the AC while hitting my gear shift and almost killing us.


                   When is it appropriate to give tips?  If you are having food delivered, you give tips.  But what if you call in and pick it up at the restaurant?  Do you give tips even though you picked it up yourself?  Would you give tips because they packed it in a bag for you?  Would you give it to them because they gave you Styrofoam containers and such?  What is the PC way in this situation?

 Fruit Loops:

                   So now they aren’t allowed to advertise Fruit Loops to the kids to prevent obesity.  At what point are we going to stop blaming companies and take the responsibility upon ourselves to prevent obesity.  Have you perhaps blamed yourself for portion control?  Have you blamed yourself for not reading the labels and allowing your kids to eat junk?  Have you perhaps blamed yourself for not providing your kids with a health habit?  Have you perhaps blamed yourself for not making sure your kids actually walk more than 5 steps a day?  Sure I look at the TV too, but you don’t see my shoving my face with Honey Combs, etc.  They banned cigarette ads but guess what people?  Young people still smoke.  Is there a significant drop in the amount of young people smoking?  I don’t know I doubt it.  Of the people who do smoke, how many of it is it because their parents smoke?  More and more I believe we are showing society that we should never take responsibility for our actions and it is okay to blame companies for whatever mishaps that may occur.


My perfect afternoon

My perfect afternoon
A bottle of ramune and some Japanese treats.

I have been busy and it's nice people have been poking their head in to say hi and check up on me.  Things just came up so I am still alive and kicking.

Sweets and Pikachu take 2

My perfect afternoon:

A cup of tea and a taiyaki.
Taiyaki is basically a waffle with bean paste or something sweet inside.
Recently they have taken to putting salty things in there like cheese and curry.
My favorite is still custard taiyaki and the ice cream taiyaki
It's a very cute snack.  Now only if I can have that waffle iron all the time.
Ironed borrowed from a JP friend.
Ladies and gentlemen, just when you thought mankind was capable of learning from past mistakes, we have been proved wrong again!  The London 2012 commercial is a bit reminiscent of one Pokemon episode.  They asked kiddies to concentrate and look at the flashes of pictures for clues to win a prize.  Somehow, the London Olympic committee decided that they too will use this to induce seizure to their viewers.  One giant step BACK for mankind.

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November: Missed call
December: Texas Chainsaw massacre
December: Love Actually
December: Pirates of the Caribean 1 & 2
February: Hope Springs
February: Pride and Prejudice
February: The Importance of being Ernest
February: What a Girl Wants
February: Trauma
February: Where the Truth Lies
February: Joe Dirt
February: Ghost Busters
February: Fist of Fury (Parody)
February: Royal Tramp (Parody)
February: Royal Tramp 2
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March: The Queen
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April: Liar Liar
April: Bridget Jones's Diary
May: Kill Bill 1&2
May: LOTR 1-3
May: Sweet Home Alabama (slept through half of it)
May: Cinderella (slept through 3/4s of it)
May: 6th Sense
May: Notting Hill
May: Random Colin Firth films
May: Saiyuki 西遊記 JP
May: 西遊記 CN
May: CCS
June: Shrek 1-2
June: POTC 1-3
June: Shrek 3
July: Rose of Versaille
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August: Driving lessons
September: Meitantei Conan 1-10
September: Nada sou sou
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Books read
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December: The Bonesetter's daughter
December: Saving Fish from Drowning
January: Running with Scissors
January: Memory Keeper's daughter Too damn cliche
February: Class matters
February: An innocent man
February: American Sign language linguistics
March: Hand book to sign language linguistics
March: Guide to British sign language linguistics
March: ちょっと古い車を買う探偵事務所
March: 清潔は病気
March: 心の愛、体の愛
April: 昭和の言葉時代
April: 日本と漢字
April/May: Hannibal Rising
May: The dangerous book for boys
May: God is not great: How religion poisons everything
May: The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit
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July: The book club
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August: The Subtle knife
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August: WW2 reference almanac
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September: Lord of the rings 1-3
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September: The rainmaker
September: The runaway jury
September: The street lawyer
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September: Molecular Biology of the Cell
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September: Current superstitions
September: CSS cookbook
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September: How English works


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